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About the Artist

Elesha was a professional in the finance world for 25 years. When life changed for her in 2009, she returned to her love of art.  As a published artist, Elesha has learned to create a colorful story on canvas.  It's her story in every piece she creates.

Elesha was born and raised in the Springfield/Eugene area of Oregon and where she now resides.  

Early artistic influences came from her mother who only drew cartoon characters but encouraged her artistically.  Other influences came from a middle school art teacher that taught there were no mistakes in art, only creativity.  Elesha received formal education of art through the local community college,  

She has also received instruction from master artists Ron DiCiani, Dan Chen, and Thomas Blackshear. 

Elesha is a member of Pacific Rim Art Guild, a Christian artist group where she participates in many projects around the community.

Mediums include but are not limited to acrylic, oil, watercolor and pencil.

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